Bible Reading Planner - Week 2


The name ‘Genesis’ means the book of the ‘beginnings.’

It tells us about the beginnings of the earth and of the human race. It tells us, too, about the origin of sin and death.

It contains the first references to God’s provision of a way of escape for sinful mankind.

In fact, GENESIS is a vital foundation for understanding the Bible.


Week Two


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Genesis 7


Genesis 8

SUNDAY - Genesis 2 - Note the special creation of man (verse 7) and of woman (verse 22) and the true marriage relationship (verse 24).

MONDAY - Genesis 3 - God had said that sin (disobedience) would bring death (verse 3), and so it did (verse 10). See Romans 5:12.

TUESDAY - Genesis 4 - Man was now dying and in need of salvation. He could serve God by faith and have hope of eternal life (compare verse 4 with Hebrews 11:4), or he could give himself over to sin like Cain, who killed his own brother (verses 5-8).

WEDNESDAY - Genesis 5 - Cain’s descendants (of chapter 4) are contrasted with the better line from Seth (verse 3 onwards), leading to Noah (verse 29).

THURSDAY - Genesis 6 - Only Noah and his family kept themselves separate from the violent society around them. God showed them what to do, so that they could be saved (verse 14), and also how to do it (verses 15-16). The Bible tells us what we must do, and the life of Jesus shows us how we may please God.

FRIDAY - Genesis 7 - Noah believed what God had said, and he built the Ark. We need faith in God’s ways (Hebrews 11:7) and must prepare for the judgment to come (2 Peter 3:1-7, 11-13).

SATURDAY - Genesis 8 - God remembered Noah (verse 1). The dove with the olive branch has become the universal symbol of peace (verse 11). God will never destroy the earth (verse 22 and Genesis 9:13-15).



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